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Rain Sensors Watch the Weather for You

With the traditional rainy season in full swing, now is the time for Tampa residents and business owners to make sure their automatic irrigation systems are equipped with operable rain sensing equipment. Based on University of Florida research, equipping automatic irrigation systems with these devices in west central Florida can be expected to reduce annual system water use by as much as 20 percent.

Rain sensing devices work in tandem with the irrigation system's controller to cause the system to skip one or more scheduled irrigation cycles when enough rainfall has occurred to meet turf and landscape needs.

An estimated 50 percent of locations in the City of Tampa's service area operate automatic irrigation systems without a rain sensing device or with a device that is no longer working properly.

City of Tampa utility customers without an operable device on their automatic irrigation system may request a free rain sensor, which they may either self-install or have installed by their irrigation professional. For information about Tampa's free rain sensor program or to find instructions for a do-it-yourself rain sensor checkup, visit