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Palm River residents clamor for clean water

Murky, brown, gritty, smelly. In a word, gross. That's the state of the water in the little waterfront community about a half mile east of downtown Tampa. And it's nothing new. Residents of Palm River have been complaining about their well water for decades, wanting to be hooked up to either city or county water. They've taken it up with myriad politicians, city and county officials, and activists since the mid 1980s.

Now, in a renewed effort, County Commissioner Les Miller is promising to try and fix things even if it means traveling to Washington, D.C., on his own dime in search of federal help.

"It's like they live in a valley between two mountains," Miller said of the Palm River residents. "On one side is the city of Tampa, and on the other is Hillsborough County, and they can't get water from either." ...