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Grants Available to Hillsborough County Homeowners Who Had Sinkholes

Hillsborough County residents whose properties were damaged by a sinkhole during last winter's record freeze will soon be eligible for grants of up to $3,000 from the county.

The program, approved by county commissioners on Sept. 22, will be available to anyone who had a sinkhole between January and March 2010.

During that time, eastern Hillsborough County experienced an extended cold spell: 11 straight days of temperatures below 34 degrees.

Farmers in Dover and Plant City pumped billions of gallons of water to cover crops with a protective layer of ice. As a result, the aquifer level in that area dropped close to 60 feet....

Though the sinkhole grant program is aimed at the freeze event in Dover and Plant City, the money will be available to any county resident who had a sinkhole in those specified months, as long as they prove the sinkhole opened during that time and provide a repair estimate from a licensed contractor.