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Waterbody IDResource NameAlt. NamesType
5963149th Ave (04-08)Pond
97245th Ave NE CanalStream
97154th Ave E CanalPlacido Canal NorthStream
97070th Ave N CanalStream
5878A Child's Place (97-245)Pond
5907Acacia Lake Shore Assoc (98-05)Pond
7048Acenbrack, LakeLake
5862Adair's Pond (02-14)Pond
109Airport Outfall CanalStream
1Alafia RiverStream
2Alafia River - North ProngStream
3Alafia River - South ProngStream
4Alafia River - South Prong - West BranchStream
161932Alamo, LakeLake
5Alderman CreekStream
5075Alice, LakeLake
5373Allbright, LakeLake
890Allen CreekStream
5046Allen, LakeLake EllenLake
7046Allen, LakeLake
891Alligator CreekStream
7374Alligator LakeLake
7407Allred Pond (04-03)Pond
5960Alonso High School Army JROT (04-02)Pond
892Anclote RiverStream
20100Anderson LakeLake
92Andrews CreekStream
5876Apollo Beach Racquet Club (98-13)Pond
5772Appaloosa Conservation AR (93-025)Pond
6063April Lane PondLake
5967Arbor Hills Pond (04-15)Pond
6Archie CreekStream
5144Armistead, LakeLake ArmesteadLake
7379Arrow PondLake
5038Artillery, LakeLake
6039Ashley's Pond (08-02)KellingrewPond
6945Avaco, LakeLake
6055Avelar Creek North (10-01)Pond
160185Avenue PondLake
6094Avila, LakeLake
5638Avis LakeWoodsong Way PondLake
5838Avista Group (98-02)Pond
6047Azalea Lakes #1 (09-02)Pond
6005Azalea Lakes (06-13)Azalea TracePond
21000Baker BranchStream
8Baker CreekSeffner CanalStream
182015Bald Eagle CreekStream
181983Banana-Hancock CanalStream
20102Banjo LakeLake
5640Barbara, LakeLake
5941Barrington (06-26)93-051 (Barrington Subdivision)Pond
5942Barrington Homes (06-37)97-241 (Barrington)Pond
9Basset BranchStream
5177Bay LakeLake
20105Bay LakeLake
7397Bay Pines Civic Assoc. (07-04)Pond
895Bayou BranchStream
20168Bayou LakeLake
5802Bayport Colony Phase III (93-056)Pond
5951Bayport HOA (03-07)Pond
7378Baywood Park (05-06)Baywood LakePond
51118Beacon LakeLake
901Bear CreekStream
7257Beckett LakeLake
902Bee BranchSmith CreekStream
896Bee Tree BranchStream
5389Behnke, LakeCampus LakeLake
20106Belcher HoleLake
10Bell CreekStream
5898Bell Creek Hammock (95-192)Pond
5900Bell Creek Hammock Subdiv (94-060)Pond
20107Bell LakeLake
5768Belle Meade (99-20)Pond
6982Bellevue, LakeLake
78Bellows Lake OutletEast Lake DrainStream
20175Bernadette, LakeLake
6007Beth Shields Earth Force (06-22)Pond
5955Bethania's Pond (03-13)Pond
160581Beulah, LakeLake
11Big Ditch CreekStream
20177Big Fish LakeLake
20108Big Lake ViennaLake
181951Bird BranchStream
20110Bird Island LakesLake
5358Bird LakeByrd LakeLake
20109Bird LakeLake
20180Bird LakeLake
904Bishop CreekStream
903Bishop Creek - North BranchStream
976Bishop Creek - South BranchStream
20111Black LakeLake
20150Black LakeLake
5987Black Pine (05-10)Pond
161945Black Water LakeLake
12Blackwater CreekStream
1000184Blanton LakeLake
160576Blanton, LakeLake
5891Bloomingdale (98-26)Pond
5850Bloomingdale East (94-074)Pond
6030Bloomingdale Oaks Pond People (07-05)Pond
5909Bloomingdale P-Q (00-02)Pond
5910Bloomingdale P-Q (95-213)Pond
5889Bloomingdale Sec D (99-19)Pond
6009Bloomingdale Sec H (06-29)94-059 (Bloomingdale Sec H)Pond
5893Bloomingdale Sec W (95-220)Pond
5911Bloomingdale Section R (94-084)Pond
5849Bloomingdale West (02-07)Pond
5962Bloomingdale West Park (04-06)Pond
7014Blossom LakeLake
5369Blue Gill LakeLake Gass, Gass LakeLake
5374Blue Gill, LakeLamps PondLake
7373Blue Heron LakeLake
7430Blue Heron LakeLake
5194Boat LakeBoot LakeLake
20000Boca Ciega BayBay
11Boca Ciega Bay WatershedWatershed
13Boggy BranchStream
14Boggy CreekStream
21002Boggy CreekStream
21016Boggy CreekStream
978Bonn CreekStream
20166Bonnet LakeLake
160542Bonnet, Lake (Lakeland)Lake
161136Bonny Lake (Mulberry)Lake
907Booker CreekStream
19650Bowlees CreekStream
5899Boyette Oaks (97-239)Pond
5901Boyette Springs - Parkhurst (11-10)04-04Pond
5904Boyette Springs (99-17)Pond
5851Boyette Springs Rainbridge (02-10)Pond
5902Boyette Springs Sec A (95-206)Pond
5903Boyette Springs Veterans Pond (06-24)93-038 (Boyette Springs Sec A)Pond
21024Braden RiverStream
5886Brandonwood (97-237)Pond
5630Brant, LakeLake BrandtLake
5946Breckenridge, LakeLake
905Briar CreekStream
5916Bristol Green (99-06)Pond
15Brooker CreekStream
5806Brooker Village (00-08)Pond
5044Brooker, LakeLake
7401Brooker's Landing (04-05)Pond
6091Brookton Pond (12-08)Pond
5031Brown, LakeHolly Lake, Browns LakeLake
5527Browns LakeLake
1000290Browns LakesLake
16Brushy CreekStream
6010Brussels Boy - Pond 2 (06-05)Pond
6011Brussels Boy - Pond 3 (06-06)Pond
6012Brussels Boy - Pond 4 (06-07)Pond
5994BSE (06-21)Pond
6038BSHS Geoprobe (08-06)Pond
5129Buck LakeLake RoweLake
17Buckhorn CreekStream
20192Buddy LakeLake
21071Buffalo CreekBuffalo CanalStream
18Bullfrog CreekStream
5368Burrell LakeLake
7341Butterfly LakeLake
6089C.W. Bill Young Regional ReservoirLake
21036Cabbage SloughStream
5064Calm LakeLake
6031Camden St (07-07)Pond
5953Camelot Woods (03-09)Pond
5980Camp Dorothy Thomas LakeLake
20112Camp LakeLake
19Campbell BranchStream
5870Campus Hill Park Pond (10-02)92-004Pond
14491Canal 5,6-126Moccasin GullyStream
7395Canterbury Chase (06-16)Pond
6101Carlton Arms North LakeLake
20Carlton Branch CreekStream
5606Carlton LakeLake
5077Carlton, LakeTurkey Ford LakeLake
1002285Carol, LakeLake
7396Carriage Bay (06-06)Pond
5193Carroll Cove LakeLake
6046Carroll Grove Estates Pond (08-16)Pond
5187Carroll, LakeLake
5812Carrollton (00-11)Pond
5811Carrollton Lakes (00-03)Pond
5839Carrollwood Baptist (99-08)Pond
5928Carrollwood Cove (01-09)Pond
6062Carrollwood Day Schl "Pondering" Env. (11-06)Pond
5778Carrollwood Lakes I (95-177)Pond
5999Carrollwood Meadows (06-10)Pond
5922Carrollwood Meadows Unit (98-33)Pond
5805Carrollwood Village III (95-172)Pond
161927Carter Road X PitLake
160986Carter Road Y PitMulberry PitLake
5842Casa Del Lago Pond (02-06)Pond
5188Casey, LakeLake
20113Catfish LakeLake
5099Catherine, LakeLake JacksonLake
910Cedar CreekStream
21058Cedar CreekStream
5993Cedar Creek (05-01)Pond
5779Cedar Creek (94-167)Pond
5925Cedar Creek (98-14)Pond
6064Cedar Cypress Court PondLake
21062Cedar DrainStream
5386Cedar East LakeLake
5855Cedar Grove Aqueducks (97-247)Pond
21023Cedar Hammock CreekStream
5385Cedar, LakeCedar Lake, Cedar Lake West, West Cedar LakeLake
5982Centennial Falcon (05-11)Pond
50791Center LakeLake
5973Central Park Apts (04-12)Pond
21Channel ACabbagehead CreekStream
197Channel GStream
5138Chapman LakeChapman North LakeLake
5238Chapman, LakeLake Chapman SouthLake
5115Charles, LakeLake
160563Charles, LakeLake
1000404Chasco, LakeLake
7251Chautauqua, LakeLake BowdenLake
6959Chautauqua, Lake (Sutherland)Lake
6036Cherry Creek (08-03)Pond
22Chito BranchStream
160883Christina PitChristina LakeLake
912Church CreekStream
5137Church LakeLake AmeliaLake
5199Citrus Park LakeLake
7253Citrus, LakeLake
966Clam Bayou DrainStream
160905Clark LakeLake
1002316Clark LakeLake
81Clay Gully CreekStream
1000428Clear LakeLake
6978Clearview LakeLake
7411Clearview Lake (05-05)Pond
20003Clearwater HarborBay
1000440Clearwater LakeLake
7376Cliff Stephens Park LakeLake
5804Coachlight Pond (11-08)Stewart Manor (99-11)Pond
120Coastal Old Tampa Bay WatershedWatershed
130Coastal Pinellas/Anclote WatershedWatershed
23Cockroach CreekStream
21011Coker CreekStream
5771Cole Logan (01-11)Pond
5895Colonial Lakes Pond Lubbers (01-01)Pond
5888Colonial Oaks (94-112)Pond
51507Colony LakeLake
181956Colt CreekStream
5342Commiston LakeLake
20114Como LakeLake
1000464Conley, LakeLake
7423Constance, LakeLake
5330Cool Kell LakeLake
14366Cooper CreekStream
5060Cooper LakeLake
5795Copperfield Homeowners (91-05)Pond
21013Corbit BranchStream
5945Cory LakeLake
5819Country Crossings (99-21)Pond
5831Country Grove (13-05)Pond
5832Country Lakes (10-03)97-233Pond
5823Country Place Unit 1 (95-219)Pond
5822Country Place Unit 2 (94-123)Pond
5824Country Place Unit 4-B (94-066)Pond
5821Country Place West (08-17)Country Place West Unit 1 (97-228)Pond
5846Country Run (02-12)Pond
6037Country Run Backyard (08-04)Pond
7377Country Woods LakeLake
7409Countryside Pines North (06-03N)Pond
7408Countryside Pines South (06-03S)Pond
5961County Crossing (04-03)Pond
5212Cove LakeLake
906Cow Branch CreekStream
24Cow House CreekCow House SloughStream
21014Craig BranchStream
51674Crawford LakeLake
5847Creekbend Islanders (11-17)98-11Pond
5093Crenshaw, LakeLake
5041Crescent LakeLake
7344Crescent LakeLake
160903Crescent LakeLake
7269Crest LakeLake ExcelsiorLake
5930Crest Pond (98-28)Pond
5995Crippenwood III (06-19)Pond
5861Cristina Le Petite (09-09)02-13 (RVHS Christina), 06-02 (Lakes of Cristina)Pond
916Cross Bayou CanalStream
5974Cross Creek HOA Pond (04-14)Pond
897Cross Cypress BranchStream
5633Crum, LakeLake Dylan & FritsLake
6043Crystal Cove Pond Group (12-09)08-11Pond
5078Crystal LakeSouth Crystal LakeLake
7400Crystal Lake (04-01)Pond
5774Cumberland Estates (99-01)Pond
5773Cumberland Manors (97-229)Pond
25Curiosity CreekStream
90Curiosity CreekStream
919Curlew CreekStream
5868Curry Cove (94-165)Pond
20115Curve LakeLake
26Cypress CreekStream
88Cypress CreekStream
6042Cypress Creek Elementary (07-04)Pond
5092Cypress LakeLake
5969Cypress Pond Ave Pond (04-18)Pond
21003Cypress StrandStream
7422Cypress Trail (07-10)Pond
5014Dan LakeLake
5090Darby, LakeLake
160810David, Lake (Lakeland)Lake
5642Dead Lady LakeLake
5853Deepbrook Pond (02-02)Pond
5829Deer Creek (99-15)Pond
5033Deer LakeLake
27Delaney CreekStream
28Delaney Creek Popoff CanalStream
6090Delaney PondLake
6060Deming - Trueman Pond (11-02)Pond
18995Desoto Honore Northwest PondPond DP3-31Pond
5098Deubell, LakeLake
5815Dewey Rose (07-14)94-155 (Northdale Section K)Pond
7403Diane Terrace (05-04)Pond
20116Diane, LakeLake
20169Dick LakeLake
7363Disston, LakeLake
29Doe Branch CreekChapman Hammock CreekStream
7391Dog Leg Pond Preservation Group (04-02)Pond
1000605Dollar PondLake
7421Dolly Bay (07-09)Pond
5836Dorothy Thomas School (93-036)Belle Wildlife PondPond
5662Dorothy, LakeLake
5384Dorset LakeLake
6065Dorset Pond 1Pond
6066Dorset Pond 2Pond
6067Dorset Pond 3Pond
5629Dosson LakeLake Dobson, PONDWATCH (06-902)Lake
30Double Branch CreekStream
5874Dowdell's Jaguar 7th Grad (98-31)Pond
5985Dublin Pond (05-09)Pond
160316Duff LakeLake
31Dug CreekStream
20117Dupree LakeLake
5866Dynamic Duo (99-10)Pond
5970Eagle Eyes Pond (04-19)Pond
7038Eagle LakeLake
6049Eaglebrook Phase 2 (08-09)Pond
5645Eagles Landing LakeLake
32East CanalStream
91East Double Branch CreekStream
5216East LakeBellows LakeLake
20118East LakeCow LakeLake
6068East Lake Alum PondBellows Lake Alum PondPond
20119East Lake EllisLake
7044East PondLake
5929East Village (97-232)Pond
5775Eastbrook Homeowners (98-03)Pond
5133Echo LakeLake
7406Eckerd College (06-01)Pond
5392Eckles, LakeLake
5877Edgewater Village (97-235)Pond
5160Edna, LakeLake
7428Egret, LakeLake
5211Egypt LakeLake
5639Elaine, LakeLake
5045Elizabeth, LakeLake
5155Ellen LakeLake
5182Ellen, LakeLake
7402ELW (06-12)Pond
5975Emerald Acres Pond (04-16)Pond
6098Emerald Acres Pond (13-09)Pond
33English CreekStream
160545Ernest, LakeLake
5108Estes, LakeLake
5109Eva, LakeLake
6058Fairway Village Pond (10-04)Pond
5162Fairy, LakeLake
5948Falcon Creek Pl (03-04)Pond
5997Fallowfield Pond (06-11)Pond
5663Fantasia LakeLake
5780Fawn Ridge (99-16)Pond
5052Faye, LakeRebel LakeLake
5332Feinsinger LakeLake
1000692Ferguson LakeLake
160872Fern LakeLake
5050Fern, LakeLake
5381FF Richard T. Muldowney Jr., LakeLake
34Fish CreekStream
21020Fisher BranchStream
35Fishhawk CreekStream
20104Fishing LakeBass LakeLake
7390Five Towns-Lakeview (06-09)Pond
7389Five Towns-Shoreview West (06-17)Pond
898Fivemile CreekStream
7424Flamingo, LakeLake
5661Fleur De LisLake
36Flint CreekStream
5873Florida Aquarium (96-227)Pond
20153Floyd, LakeLake
5363Flynn LakeLake
6026Forest East (07-02)Pond
6025Forest North (07-03)Pond
7432Forest, LakeLake
5372Forest, Lake (06-35)Pond
21021Fort Crawford CreekStream
182018Fox BranchFish Hatchery DrainStream
6006Fox Hunt Pond (06-20)Pond
6054Fox Run (10-11)Pond
160396Foxwood LakeLake
5015Frances, LakeLake
7385Franklin Square (07-03)Pond
7309Freedom LakeLake
914Frenchmans CreekStream
21022Frog CreekCedar DrainStream
5056Fuller, LakeLake MerryLake
5827Gables 1-Northdale Pond Association (05-22)92-02Pond
160375Galloway, LakeHidden LakeLake
21004Gamble CreekStream
5176Gant LakeLake
21005Gap CreekJeff's CreekStream
5079Garden LakeLake
7394Gardenia Lake (06-19)Pond
6069Garland Court PondLake
5158Gass LakeLake ColebrookLake
21006Gates CreekStream
181959Gator CreekStream
5983Gator Haven Pond (05-13)Pond
20120Genesis, LakeLake
20121Geneva LakeMud LakeLake
5180George LakeLake
160540George Lake (Lakeland)Lake
20195George, LakeLake
5094Gibson, LakeLake
20193Gilbert, LakeLake
21026Gilley CreekStream
5154Glass LakeLake
160558Glen, LakeLake
22701Glenn CreekGlen Creek, Braden River RunStream
21027Goddard CreekGoddard BranchStream
6050Golden Antler Pond (09-05)Pond
5380Golden Trout LakeLake
1000795Goose LakeLake
20155Gooseneck LakeLake
5240Gornto LakeLake
196Grace CreekStream
5159Grace, LakeLake
5523Grady, LakeBranch Creek, Shadow LakeLake
5920Grant Park Addition (02-16)Pond
5646Greco Road PondLake
5809Greco/Sherman (98-07)Pond
1000837Green LakeLake
14143Gulf Of MexicoGulf
37Gully BranchStream
89Gully BranchStream
14493Gum SloughStream
1132626Gum SwampLake
5830H.C. Democratic Executive (93-040)Pond
5952H2HO (03-08)Pond
5156Halfmoon LakeLake
38Halls Branch CreekStream
39Hamilton BranchStream
5632Hammock LakeLake
5926Hampton Park (95-170)Pond
161963Hanging Moss LakeLake
5346Hanna LakeLake
7429Harbor Isle LakeLake
7252Harbor LakeLake
160820Harris, LakeLake
1000893Harrison LakeLake
5323Hart LakeLake
21028Harvey ProngStream
5036Harvey, LakeShady LakeLake
6041Hayes BayouBay
5765Heather LakeLake
5131Heather, LakeLake
5956Heathridge Park HOA (03-15)Pond
5100Helen, LakeLake
5789Helen's Pond (93-034)Pond
5783Henderson Rd Subdivision (94-091)Pond
5244Hendrics LakeLake
40Henry Street CanalStream
51038Heron LakeLake
7425Heron, LakeLake
20197Heron, LakeLake
1000912Hester LakeLake
7386Hewitt Lake (06-02)Pond
1002787Hewitt, LakeLake
5012Hiawatha, LakeLake
30846Hickory Hammock CreekStream
5248Hickory Hammock LakeLake
5880Hickory Lakes Manor (98-27)Pond
5990Hickory Woods Pond #1 (05-04)Pond
5644Hidden LakeLake
6951Hidden LakeLake
6962Hidden LakeLake
20194Hidden LakeLake
160847Highland LakeLake
20005Hillsborough BayBay
187Hillsborough Bay WatershedWatershed
41Hillsborough RiverStream
6096Hilltop Preserve (13-11)Pond
5933Hindu Temple Of Florida (98-20)Pond
5171Hixon LakeLake
6980Hobart LakeLake
5042Hobbs LakeLake HobbsLake
5322Hog Island LakeLake
20103Holiday LakeBass LakeLake
20122Holiday, LakeLake
893Hollin CreekStream
42Hollomans BranchStream
6099Holly LakeLake
5856Homes Of Ruskin (01-13)Pond
7416Homestead Pond (06-05)Pond
18993Honore 59th Northeast PondPond DP3-32Pond
18990Honore Avenue PondPond DP3-29Pond
18992Honore Avenue Pond DP3-30Pond DP3-30Pond
5421Hooker, LakeLake
5872Hope Park (01-10)Pond
6059Hope Spring Pond Group (10-12)Pond
5127Horse LakeLake
51439Horseshoe LakeLake
5865Hounds Run Pond (00-06)Pond
43Howard Prairie BranchStream
161969Howard, LakeLake
44Howell Branch CreekStream
1000966Hudson LakeLake
160595Hunter, LakeLake
6000Hunters Glen (06-09)Pond
5835Hunters Lake (01-07)Pond
5483Huntington Road PondLake
45Hurrah CreekStream
5586Hurrah LakeLake
5522Hutto LakeLake
7384Immanuel Chapel Pond (07-01)Pond
46Indian CreekStream
161918Indian LakeLake
962Innisbrook CanalStream
5049Island Ford LakeLake FordLake
47Itchepackesassa CreekStream
5073Jackson, LakeLake
5864Jade Pond (01-14)Pond
6093James LakeLake
5112James, LakeLake
5767Jennette, LakeLake
929Jerry BranchStream
6972Jerry LakeLake
5647Jerry PondLake
48Jerry Pond CreekStream
1001036Jessamine LakeLake
5113Jewel, LakeLittle Jewel LakeLake
20123Jo Ann, LakeLake
21029Johnson CreekStream
161971Jonathan, LakeLake
5126Josephine LakeLake
5043Joy, LakeLake
20124Joyce, LakeHog LakeLake
5110Juanita LakeLake
5635Julia, LakeLake
5233June LakeLake
6070Juniper Blossom Drive PondLake
20172Karney LakeLake
5239Kathy, LakeLake
21030Keen BranchStream
1001081Keene LakeLake
5344Keene, LakeLake
5859KEHOA Otters (02-03)Pond
5860Kehoa Pond C (02-09)Pond
5854Kehoa Pond F (02-08)Pond
5324Kell, LakeLake
160731Kelly LakeLake
6100Ken LakeLake
7015Kersky, LakeLake
5769Keystone Crossings (93-035)Pond
5066Keystone LakeLake
5954Keystone Manors (03-11)Pond
20125King LakeLake
20171King LakeLake
5784Kingfisher (00-13)Pond
7382Kreamer BayouLake
51135Lake ALake
51136Lake BLake
49Lake BranchStream
5382Lake ButlerTurtle LakeLake
51132Lake CLake
5808Lake Chapman Subdivision (97-238)Pond
51133Lake DLake
5957Lake Ellen Woods (03-16)Pond
5989Lake Frosti (05-08)Valley RanchPond
5770Lake Grace Estates (95-218)Pond
6084Lake Heather Oaks - Vallely Pond (12-03)Pond
6002Lake Heather Pond (06-28)Lake BrigadooncirclePond
6075Lake Hurly Tailwater PondPond
5656Lake LeilaLake
107Lake Magdalene OutletStream
5858Lake Magdelene Woods (02-04)Pond
5947Lake Morley Imprv. (03-02)Lake MorleyPond
6013Lake St Clair Lake Committee (06-39)Pond
908Lake St George CanalStream
7393Lake Sylvia (06-20)Pond
913Lake Tarpon Outfall CanalStream
5659Lakestone Pond (06-31)Snake LakePond
5810Lakeville (97-243)Pond
5885Landing Pond (10-08)(98-17) The LandingPond
7420Landing Way (07-08)Pond
1001109Larkin Camp LakeLake
1001111Larkin LakeLake
6088Larson PondPond
51510Laurel LakeLake
5906Laurel Woods (99-07)Pond
1002808Lazy Duck LakeLake
6061Lazy Lake Pond (11-05)Pond
5130Leclare, LakeLake LeClaireLake
6033Lennard Longhorns (07-11)Pond
7366Leslee LakeLake
160341Lester LakeLake
50Lewis Branch CreekStream
7399Lichter Pond (05-03)Pond
20126Linda, LakeLake
1001131Linda, LakeLake
6073Lindelann PondLake
5185Lipsey, LakeLake
6017Lithia Ridge Homeowners Association (05-18)Pond
5984Lithia Ridge Homeowners Association (05-19)Pond
51Little Alafia RiverStream
5175Little Bay LakeLake
900Little Bayou CreekBayou CreekStream
20196Little Black LakeLake
52Little Bullfrog CreekStream
20127Little Como LakeLake
21031Little Deep BranchStream
5039Little Deer LakeLake
53Little Fishhawk CreekStream
21032Little Fort Crawford CreekStream
5140Little Halfmoon LakeHalfmoon LakeLake
5114Little LakeLake
5178Little LakeLake
161976Little Lake VictoriaLake
5067Little Lake WilsonLake
54Little Manatee RiverStream
55Little Manatee River - South ForkStream
5118Little Moon LakeBoyscout Lake, Lake ChapmanLake
1002814Little Moss LakeLake
54009Little Sawgrass, LakeLake
20128Little Vienna LakeLake
5939Livingston Unit 4 (95-221)93-042 (Pond Eddy Subdivision Unit), 95-214 (Livingston Unit III-A), 95-216 (Livingston Unit III-B), 95-217 (Livingston Acres Unit III-A)Pond
6952Loch Haven LakeLake
5781Logan Pond Group (97-248)Pond
5063Loney, LakeLake
20006Long Bayou/Cross BayouBay
21034Long BranchStream
200Long Flat CreekPringle BranchStream
5161Long LakeLake
51699Long LakeLake
1001184Long LakeLake
5426Long PondHunter Lake, Lake PondLake
20129Long Sun LakeLake
933Longbranch CreekLong BranchStream
6032Looking Glass (07-09)Pond
5136Lord LakeLords LakeLake
6057Lower Foothill Pond (10-07)Pond
21012Lower Manatee RiverStream
20011Lower Tampa BayBay
7Lower Tampa Bay WatershedWatershed
7426Lucerne, LakeLake
5337Lutz LakeLittle Hobbs LakeLake
160549Mack, Lake (Lakeland)Lake
20130Madeline, LakeLake
5168Magdalene, LakeLake
5932Magdelene Reserve (95-211)Pond
7348Maggiore PondLake
7349Maggiore, LakeLake
7306Maggoire Borrow Pit 1Lake
7308Maggoire Borrow Pit 2Lake
7412Maidstone Property Owners (07-06)Pond
21018Manatee River - East ForkStream
21044Manatee River - North ForkStream
21007Manatee River EstuaryBay
52Manatee River WatershedWatershed
50000Manatee, LakeLake
5776Mandarin Lakes (03-19)Pond
198Mango CanalMango ChannelStream
5231Mango LakeLake
20164Mann PondLake
5971Manor Oaks (04-05)Pond
5934Manors Of White Trout II (94-077)Pond
6014Manorwood Circle (06-33)Pond
5912Maplewood Village- Pond D (00-01)Pond
5150Marlee LakeLake
56Marsh BranchStream
5820Marsh Crossings (05-14)94-142 (Country Place)Pond
5919Marshall Middle School (95-222)Pond
5059Martha, LakeLake
6004Mary Bryant Elementary (06-03)Pond
20131Mary Lou, LakeLake MaryLake
5165Maurine, LakeFairy LakeLake
7388Mayfair Woods (06-10)Pond
5664Mcateer, LakeLake
57Mccollough Branch CreekStream
6080McComas, LakeLake
5966Mccrea Pond Family (04-13)Pond
937Mckay CreekStream
1002284Mckee LakeLake
42789Mclewis BayouStream
21038Mcmullen CreekStream
5237Mead LakeLake
5464Medard ReservoirMedard ParkLake
5972Memory Lane HOA (04-09)Pond
5096Merrywater, LakeLake
5650Mid LakeLake
5602Middle LakeLake
20007Middle Tampa BayBay
56Middle Tampa Bay WatershedWatershed
5651Middle Valrico LakeLake
5927Mighty Ducks (13-10)Stonehedge Homeowners (98-01)Pond
6040Mill BayouBay
82Mill CreekWestside CanalStream
21039Mill CreekStream
5376Mill LakeLake
20132Minniola, LakeLake
963Minnow CreekStream
5959Miracle Workers (04-01)Pond
7347Mirror LakeLake
161966Misty LakeLake
58Mizelle CreekStream
909Moccasin CreekStream
7265Moccasin LakeLake
5837Monaco Garden (92-003)Pond
51506Montego BayLake
21040Moody BranchStream
5286Moody PondLake
5411Moore LakeLake
202Moore Lake DrainStream
182016Morgan CreekStream
5658Morris, LakeLake
50004Moses HoleLake
20133Moss LakeLake
1001366Moss LakeLake
5965Mossvale Lane (04-11)Pond
5057Mound LakeLake
160875Mountain Lake (Mulberry)Lake
1001377Mud LakeLake
20134Mud Lake ILake
939Mullet CreekStream
14609Myakka RiverStream
5061Myrtle LakeLake
20151Myrtle LakeLake
5035Nancy, LakeLake
1001402Nash, LakeLake
14834Nathan Benderson Park LakeCooper Creek Lake, Pond L3-24 SouthLake
7414Natures Classroom (06-07)Pond
6085Nawela, LakeLake
5968Ne Shadow Pond (04-17)Pond
5921Neighbors Of Whisper Sound (02-15)Pond
5976Nelson Elementary (04-07)Pond
59New RiverStream
20186New River PondLake
5331New Ryan, LakeLake
5170Newlands, LakeLake
30060Nonsense CreekStream
5053Norbert, LakeLake
5388Noreast, LakeLake
5818Norhtwest Elementary (98-04)Pond
194North Archie CreekStream
5181North LakeLake
53645North LakeLake
5600North Lake (13-07)PONDWATCH 07-904Pond
5813Northdale (98-16)Pond
5825Northdale Section C (93-043)Pond
5814Northdale Section K II (95-182)Pond
5826Northdale Section M (93-039)Pond
5793Nutrixan (06-17)98-15 (Pebblebrook)Pond
7433Oak LakeLake
160870Oak LakeLake
5944Oak Ledge (97-231)Pond
5111Oakely LakeLake SimmonsLake
20190Oakes PondLake
5936Oakview Terrace Residents (91-01)Pond
1002196O'erry LakeLake
20010Old Tampa BayBay
5030Osceola, LakeLake Jackson, Lake OsceolaLake
6003Osprey Park (06-01)Pond
5917Osprey Park Ponders (01-12)Pond
6087Osprey Place Pond (12-07)Pond
19065Osprey, LakePond P5-2Lake
60Owens Branch CreekStream
5981Paddock Trail (05-21)Pond
20135Padgett, LakeLake
5882Palm Ridge (98-23)Pond
61Palm RiverSix Mile Creek, Tampa Bypass CanalStream
21048Palma Sola CreekStream
5801Palmer's Pond (99-12)Pond
5998Palomino Ct (06-15)Pond
5879Park Village (00-07)Pond
1001493Parker LakeLake
20101Parker, LakeLake AnnLake
52071Parrish, LakeLake
7039Pasadena LakeLake
20191Pasadena, LakeLake
20136Patient, LakeLake
6974Patricia, LakeLake
21049Peacock BranchStream
53363Peanut LakeLake
5070Pearl LakeGeraci LakeLake
62Pelleham Branch CreekStream
63Pemberton CreekMill CreekStream
6008Pemberton Creek Dr (06-25)Pond
14321Phillippi Canal 3-16Stream
14426Phillippi Canal 4,6-118Stream
14504Phillippi Canal 6-132Stream
14421Phillippi Creek Main AStream
14318Phillippi Creek Main BStream
14486Phillippi Creek Main CStream
5935Pico Pond (99-09)Pond
83Pierce Branch CreekStream
1001524Pierce LakeLake
160871Pine LakeLake
5979Pine PondGolfside PondLake
5390Pine, LakeLake
941Pinebrook CanalStream
965Pinellas Park DitchStream
977Pinellas Park Ditch #5Stream
5883Pinerose Yacht Club (09-01)95-215 (Lakeview Village Sec D)Pond
21050Piney Point CreekStream
5202Place, LakeLake
7050Placid, LakeLake
7427Placido, LakeLake
6051Plantation Greenbrook-Brightside Pond (09-06)Pond
5367Platt LakeLake
50170Pleasant LakeLake
1001545Point LakeLake
21051Poley BranchStream
181967Poley CreekStream
5148Politz LakeLittle Bass LakeLake
64Pollard BranchStream
14679Pond DP3-28Pond
19802Pond DP3-31APond
6020Pond Dwellers (11-03)PONDWATCH (06-913)Pond
5881Pond Pals Of Hickory Hill (00-10)Pond
1001913Pond, TheLake
5931PONDWATCH (06-903)93-054 (Lake Ellen Circle)Pond
6021PONDWATCH (06-904)Pond
6022PONDWATCH (06-905)Pond
5643PONDWATCH (06-906)Lake Dorothea, Little Twin LakeLake
6018PONDWATCH (06-907)Pond
6024PONDWATCH (06-908)Autumn Leaves PondPond
6019PONDWATCH (06-909)Pond
6023PONDWATCH (06-910)Pond
6027PONDWATCH (06-911)Pond
5782PONDWATCH (06-912)98-25 (Trucious Pond Action Comm)Pond
5637PONDWATCH (07-901)Swan LakePond
6028PONDWATCH (07-902)Pond
5991Preston Woods (05-07)Pond
5125Pretty LakeLake
20167Pretty PondLake
7431Prospect LakeLake
6052Pura Vida Pond (Pure Life Pond) (09-04)Pond
6001Quail Ridge Pond (06-23)Pond
5107Rainbow LakeLake
5135Raleigh, LakeLake DorothyLake
5869Ranch Lake (97-242)Pond
911Rattlesnake CreekStream
21052Rattlesnake SloughStream
20181Ray PondLake
20137Red Bug LakeLake
5938Regalwoods (98-10)Pond
5083Reinheimer, LakeArbor LakeLake
5958Reynoldswood Pond (03-17)Pond
65Rice CreekStream
7415Ridgecrest YMCA (06-04)Pond
7049Ripple Lake (04-04)Pine Oak LakePond
5915River Close (01-06)Pond
5914River Hills Country Club (98-29)Pond
5913River Hills Maplewood (98-34)Pond
5871Riverdale (98-24)Pond
5897Riverglen Unit 1 (97-240)Pond
5896Riverwatch (01-05)Pond
7436Riviera BayBay
7410Roanoak Pond (07-05)Pond
5652Roberta, LakeLake
5424Robles LakeLake
5116Rock LakeLake
5132Rocket, LakeLake RogetLake
5992Rockrose Pond (05-12)Pond
66Rocky CreekStream
5124Rogers LakeLake
6044Rolling Springs Pond (08-12)Pond
967Roosevelt CanalStream
5964Rosemere (04-10)Pond
5105Round LakeLake
1001643Round LakeLake
5657Russell, LakeLake
5848Rustling Oaks (02-11)Pond
5034Ruth, LakeLake
21053Rye BranchStream
5101Saddleback LakeSaddleback North/South LakesLake
7419Sage Oaks (07-07)Pond
948Saint Joes CreekStream
93Salix SloughStream
949Salt CreekStream
6942Salt LakeLake
160673San Gully LakeLake
21054Sand BranchStream
6081Sand Lake Court (11-15)Pond
20179Sand PondLake
1001674Sand PondLake
1001697Sandbar LakeLake
899Sandy BranchStream
5071Sapphire LakeLake
7318Sawgrass LakeLake
975Sawgrass Lake East Outfall CanalStream
974Sawgrass Lake North Outfall CanalStream
973Sawgrass Lake West Outfall CanalStream
20138Saxon LakeLake
5807Schwartzkopf Elementary (98-30)Pond
160817Scott LakeLake
160821Scotts Lake WestLake
5800Seafairer Group (98-18)Pond
964Seminole Bypass CanalStream
5636Seminole LakeLake
7375Seminole Vo-Ed Lake Fusion (05-02)Pond
7392Seminole Vo-Ed Small Pond (05-01)Pond
7045Seminole, LakeLake
20139Seminole, LakeLake
5654Senac, LakeLake
161965Sentry LakeLake
6086September, LakeLake
5857Shadow Crest (02-01)Pond
160813Shady LakeLake
5977Shangri-la LakeLake
20140Sharon, LakeLake
7030Sheffield, LakeLake
6079Shimberg Gardens (11-13)Town N Country Garden CirclePond
5406Silver LakeLake
5610Simmons LakeLake
5366Sinclair, LakeBurrell LakeLake
67Six Mile CreekPalm River, Tampa Bypass Canal, Harney CreekStream
161920Six Pound PondLake
20176Sixmile PondLake
7022Skipper LakeLake
5151Sloan LakeLake
951Snead CreekStream
6074Sophia, LakeLake
1002281South Bear BranchLake
894South Branch Anclote RiverStream
5604South LakeLake
94South Wildcat CreekStream
5792Spanish Lake Pond Sweeper (01-02)Pond
68Spartman BranchSparkman BranchStream
6969Sperry, LakeLake
1001819Spivey LakeLake
7381Spring BayouLake
954Spring BranchStream
7435Spring LakeLake
5892Spring Lake (05-06)94-064 (Bloomingdale Sec F-F), Spring LakePond
5988Springview (05-23)Pond
5634Sproul, LakeLake
7216St. George, LakeLake
20009St. Joseph SoundBay
5649Stall, LakeLake
920Stanley BranchStream
5097Starvation LakeLake RobertaLake
5095Starvation Lake WestLake RobertaLake
201Stearns CreekStream
6029Stearns, LakeLake
5348Stemper, LakeLake
955Stevenson CreekStream
5803Stewart Manor (00-09)Pond
5766Stillwater LakeLake
5923Stonegate (96-224)Pond
5841Stonegate (96-225)Pond
161990Stonewater LakeLake
5069Strawberry LakeNorth Crystal Lake, South Strawberry LakeLake
21008Sugarhouse CreekStream
5777Sugarwood (97-234)Pond
6015Summer Springs (06-34)Pond
51024Summerfield LakeLake
7371Sunny LakeLake
6071Sunnyhills Drive PondPond
51509Sunrise LakeLake
5937Sunrise Villas Of Tampa (94-119)Pond
5106Sunrise, LakeSunshine Lake, Sun Rise LakeLake
5074Sunset LakeLake
51698Sunset LakeLake
5875Sunshine Better Earth (99-03)Pond
5867Sutton Estates (13-02)98-09Pond
1001880Suwannee LakeLake
5631Swamp LakeLake
7276Swan LakeLake
69Sweetwater CreekStream
6078Sweetwater Oaks II (11-11)Pond
161923Symphony LakeLake
6077Taliaferro EastPond
6076Taliaferro WestPond
70Tampa Bypass CanalStream
20149Tampa LakeTurtle LakeLake
1001892Tank LakeLake
5834Tarawood Subdivision (08-13)97-230 (Tarawood)Pond
7383Tarpon BayouLake
7084Tarpon, LakeLake
6056Tarragon Ponders (10-06)Pond
21060Taylor CreekStream
5660Taylor LakeLake
6987Taylor LakeLake
5072Taylor, LakeLake
6097TBA North Pond (13-08)Pond
6083TBA Pond Group (12-01)Pond
5845Teakwood Tornadoes (02-05)Pond
5852Temple Terrace Woods (01-15)Pond
5241Tenmile LakeLake KathyLake
21010Terra Ceia BayBay
2Terra Ceia Bay WatershedWatershed
195Terry's TributaryStream
5996The Cove (06-12)Pond
5799The Cove (98-22)Pond
6016The Otter Side (06-36)Pond
5833The Springs (94-133)Pond
71Thirteenmile RunStream
72Thirtymile CreekStream
5058Thomas LakeLake WilsonLake
20141Thomas, LakeLake
5828Thompson East Pond (00-05)Pond
5383Thonotosassa, LakeLake
5149Thorpe, LakeLake
7405Three Lakes - East (06-15)Pond
7417Three Lakes - Main (06-13)Pond
7418Three Lakes - North (06-14)Pond
108Tiger Creek CanalStream
160553Tim, LakeLake JimLake
5887Timber Knoll (92-017)Pond
6095Timberlane Pond (13-07)Pond
969Tinney CreekStream
20142Toni, LakeLake
5794Town Park (99-13)Pond
20144Treasure LakeLucy LakeLake
160879Triangle LakeLake
73Trout CreekStream
1001953Tucker LakeLake
74Turkey CreekStream
5840Turner Trace (96-223)Pond
968Turner's Creek77th Ave. CanalStream
1002886Turtle, LakeLake
6034Tweedle Dee (07-12)Pond
6035Tweedle Dum (07-13)Pond
5796Twelve Oaks Lake Owners (98-19)Pond
5797Twelve Oaks Smaller (01-04)Pond
5791Twin Branch Acres (95-204)Pond
5788Twin Branch Acres Saddle (97-244)Pond
5787Twin Branch Horseshoe Rd (98-12)Pond
5790Twin Branch Maverick Ct (96-226)Pond
5405Twin LakeLake
20170Twin LakeLake
161964Twin Oak LakeLake
75Two Hole Branch CreekStream
21061Tyre CreekStream
50365Uihlein, LakeLake
7404Unity Palm Harbor Pond Keeper (07-02)Pond
21015Upper Manatee RiverStream
5884Valencia Homeowners (01-03)Pond
5433Valrico LakeKiser LakeLake
6048Valrico Oaks (09-03)Pond
5081Van Dyke LakeLake
5104Velburton LakeMoon Lake, Lake VelburtonLake
5924Ventana (99-02)Pond
6072Veronica/Round PondLake
160850Victoria, LakeLake
20146Vienna LakeLake
5785Villager Place (93-055)Pond
5890Villas At Bloomingdale (00-12)Pond
5908Villas On The Green (12-04)99-04Pond
5040Virginia, LakeLake
5949VLSC (03-05)Pond
5416Walden LakeMud LakeLake
14311Walker CreekWhitaker Canal 3-1Stream
6999Walsingham ReservoirLake
19648Ward LakeBill Evers Reservoir, Lake EversLake
21009Wares CreekStream
5037Wastena, LakeLake
21063Water Hole CreekStream
6082Water Mill Village Pond 1 (11-16)Pond
20158Way PondLake
21064Webb BranchStream
5653Wedgewood, Lake (09-08)Pond
5655Wee LakeLake
5415Weeks, LakeLake
21065West Fork Horse CreekStream
5174West LakeHalls Lake, Lake Little Too Big, LakeLake
1002033West LakeLake
20147West Lake EllisLake
5978West Meadows Lake 1Lake
6053West Meadows Lake 2Lake
7047West PondLake
5786Westchase (94-147)Pond
7434Westchester LakeLake
14146Whitaker BayouStream
14369Whitaker Canal 3-5Stream
14393Whitaker Canal 3-7Stream
7380Whitcomb BayouLake
5196White Trout LakeLake
76Wildcat CreekStream
5918Wilder Park Sub (97-246)Pond
5173Wilford, LakeLake
21067Williams CreekStream
5152Williams, LakeLake
6045Willow Creek (08-15)Pond
5950Willow Pond (03-06)Pond
51440Wilson PondLake
5607Wimauma, LakeLake
5943Windemere (00-04)Pond
5940Windemere (95-203)Pond
6092Windsor Oaks (13-01)Pond
5844Windsor Park (92-021)Pond
21068Wingate CreekStream
160537Winston, LakeLake
7398Winwood Warriors (06-08)Pond
160551Wire, LakeLake
20148Wistaria LakeLake
181980Withlacoochee RiverStream
77Wolf Branch CreekStream
21069Wolf SloughStream
5817Wolski Group (99-05)Pond
5047Wood, LakeLake
5235Woodbury LakeLake
5816Woodland Pond Association (93-047)Pond
2003622Woods CreekStream
1002106Wynn LakeLake
79Ybor City Drain29th St Drainage CanalStream
7413Yokeley Pond (06-11)Pond
7387Zack's Pond (06-18)Pond
5120Zambito, LakeLake
5103Zelma, LakeLake EllenLake
20173Zephyr, LakeLake