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Pasco County offers water quality and lake management support

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If you’re concerned about the quality of Florida’s freshwater lakes and their future, Pasco County and Florida LAKEWATCH would like your help!

Pasco County’s Department of Public Works is partnering with Florida LAKEWATCH, a citizen volunteer lake monitoring program to help in the management of Florida lakes, estuaries, rivers and springs through monthly monitoring activities.

Florida LAKEWATCH is coordinated through the University of Florida’s School of Forest, Fisheries, and Geomatics Sciences and UF/IFAS.

Pasco County residents who live on natural lakes may be eligible for FREE water quality and lake management support through water quality testing.

Florida LAKEWATCH will train eligible residents to collect water samples and analyze them at no cost. Participants will have access to the latest lake management data and technical assistance from experts and more.

“By working with Florida LAKEWATCH, residents can learn the best way to keep their lakes healthy,” said Public Works Environmental Division Manager Jonah Mick. “Healthy lakes are an important part of keeping water clean for everyone.”

Space is limited and participants must have access to a boat. To determine eligibility, residents should email their name and address to

For more information, please visit Pasco County Public Works or call 727-834-3611.