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"Be Floridian" Video / Interview with Jonnie Walker2013video0Sarasota County Government1021604Captain Jonnie Walker, owner of Bay Walker Fishing Charters, talks with Amanda Dominguez about the connection between what we do on land and the water quality in Sarasota Bay. "Be Floridian" and skip the fertilizer this summer--go fishing instead! To learn more about Sarasota's water resources, and to see oral history videos conducted with Jonnie Walker and other long-time Sarasota County residents, visit the Sarasota Water Atlas:
¿Cuál Preferiría Pescar?2007doc_html0Tampa Bay Estuary Program1020598Tríptico describe los peligros que la línea de pesca monofilamento descartado representa para tortugas, delfí pájaros, manatís y otra vida marina, y ofrece asesoramiento sobre como lo deshacerse.
1:40,000 Scale Shoreline in Tampa Baydoc_html0U.S. Geological Survey1015388Zip-formatted file with spatial data describing Tampa Bay's shoreline. Metadata may be found at
10 Ways To Save Tampa Bay2005doc_pdf11Tampa Bay Estuary Program (TBEP)1014963Document provides 10 practical measures that everyone can employ to help conserve and restore Tampa Bay.Ten_Ways_To_Save_TampaBay.pdf3TampaBay
1000 Friends of Floridaorg1000 Friends of Florida1014705Nonprofit organization promoting responsible planning and land use through education, advocacy, negotiation and litigation. Mission: to protect and improve quality of life by advocating responsible planning for population growth.
10-19-07 EPC-HC Agenda2007doc_pdf29Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County1014973Minutes of a group developing recommendations to address rule development, process improvement, and a science-based decision making related to development of a wetlands classification system and a basis of review.Agenda%20October%202007.pdf3TampaBay
11-29-07 Position Paper from Meeting (posted 12-17-07)2007doc_pdf190Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County Technical Advisory Group1015558Position Paper from a Hillsborough ECP Subcommittee addressing permitting process issues.971_Position%20Paper%20from%2011-29-07%20Meeting.pdf3TampaBay
1-18-2008 (Revised & Approved 3-21-08)doc_pdf35Environmental Protection Commission of Hillsborough County1015450707_Process%20Sub%20Minutes%201-18-08%20(Revised%20&%20Approved%20by%20TAG%203-21-08).pdf3TampaBay
12-14-07 Agenda2007doc_pdf31Environmental Protection Commission, Hillsborough County1014988Agenda for the Hillsborough EPC Technical Advisory Group Wetland Hybrid MeetingAgenda%20December%2014,%202007.pdf3TampaBay
1879 Nautical Chart of Tampa Bay1879doc_pdf5889U.S. Geological Survey1015278An 1879 nautical chart of Tampa Bay (Coast Chart No. 77). The chart includes historic shoreline, depth soundings, and bathymetric contour lines.129_1879chart_tampa.pdf3TampaBay