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TitleDateTypeSize (KB)Publishing OrganizationToolsIDDescriptionURL
Boater's Guide to Clearwater Harbor and St. Joseph Sound2012doc_pdf6166.4Audubon of Florida1020296This guide invites you to explore the spectacular boaters’ destinations, special habitats and high quality natural history resources of Clearwater Harbor and St. Joseph Sound. It has information on areas of critical importance for birds and other wildlife, habitat protection strategies, wildlife protection guidelines for dolphins, manatees, sea turtles, and fish, and a resources section with contact information.ClearwaterGuide_web.pdf2Pinellas
Challenges of Beach Nourishment in Pinellas County, FL2003doc_pdf6198Pinellas County Environmental Management1014998Powerpoint presentation of the history of beach building (nourishment) programs and projects in Pinellas County. The presentation identifies dredging locations and borrow areas of the past and those planned for the future.ChallengesBeachNourishmentPinellas.pdf2Pinellas
Clearwater Harbor-St. Joseph Sound CCMP Task 3 - Definition of Critical Issues2011doc_pdf311.8Pinellas County Government1021200The development of a comprehensive conservation and management plan for the Clearwater Harbor/St. Joseph Sound area includes the identification of critical resources within the study area and the development of data analysis plans to establish management goals and targets for the proper stewardship of the areas valued natural resources. The objective of this technical memo is to define the critical resources within the study area, identify the natural and anthropogenic stressors on the resource.493_Task-3-Definition-of-Critical-Issues.pdf2Pinellas
Clearwater Harbor-St. Joseph Sound Comprehensive Conservation & Management Plan Brochure2011doc_pdf3839.8Pinellas County Government1021195Trifold brochure to promote the CHSJS CCMP to the public.CHSJS-Brochure.pdf2Pinellas
Collection of Data in Reference to Red Tide Outbreaks During 19631963doc_pdf2454.1Marine Laboratory of the Florida Board of Conservation1007143Red Tide - Compilation of red tide documents from 1964 and earlier.554_Collection%20of%20Data%20in%20Reference%20to%20Red%20Tide%20Outbreaks%20During%201963.pdf2Pinellas
Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan for Clearwater Harbor and Saint Joseph Sound2011doc_pdf2369.5Pinellas County Government1021193This document, the Comprehensive Conservation and Management Plan (CCMP) for Clearwater Harbor and St. Joseph Sound, is intended to provide a comprehensive framework for the future protection of Clearwater Harbor and St. Joseph Sound natural resources to conserve their natural heritage for future generations.CHSJS-CCMP-2012-Final.pdf2Pinellas
Crystal Watershed Modeling Report2012doc_html0U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1023179This report documents the development and calibration of the Crystal watershed model that will be used to simulate watershed flows, temperature, dissolved oxygen, sediment, and nutrient loadings entering Florida estuaries. The Crystal watershed is located on the west coast of Florida, from Citrus south to Pinellas County, and has a mix of forested, wetland, agricultural, and urban land with flat topography. Most of the developed land is located in southern portion of the watershed.
Development of a Comprehensive Conservation Management Plan for Clearwater Harbor & St. Joseph Sound2009doc_pdf21079.5Janicki Environmental Inc1017590CWH%20SJS%20CCMP%20Project%20Plan.pdf2Pinellas
Ecological Observations on a Locally Limited Red Tide Bloom (1955)1955doc_pdf2975University of Miami1007142Red tide at Boca Grande Pass with discussion of tide, nutrients and causes.Ecological%20Observations%20Red%20Tide%20Bloom%201955.pdf2Pinellas
EPA Proposed TMDL Joes Creek & Klosterman Bayou Run, Nutrients, Dissolved Oxygen, BOD2007doc_pdf819.4U.S. Environmental Protection Agency1018269Document establishing regulatory limits for Joe's Creek and Klosterman Bayou Run, for nutrients (phosphorus, nitrogen), dissolved oxygen, and biochemical oxygen demand, in order to comply with the provisions of the Impaired Waters Rule of the Clean Water Act.TMDL%20Klosterman%20-JoeCreek%20nuts%20do%20bod.pdf2Pinellas